Building Spaces To Match Your Mission

Architectural Wallsz is the UK Partner of DIRTT, a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customised, sustainable interiors. As a DIRTT Partner we don’t make products, we build tailored projects that transform on demand and respond to your needs now, and for whatever the future brings too.

Our components are best in class but it’s the way they’re used which make them special. Spaces are built quickly and expertly using modern off-site construction, so arrive ready for installation – reducing disruption, lead times and cost uncertainty.

Together with DIRTT, we specialise in healthcare interiors & pods, education and commercial spaces that enhance the experience of those using them and make great business sense. Whether you want to boost patient well-being or support diverse medical teams, enable greater collaboration or accelerate research, or attract and retain the very best talent, the scope, scale and flexibility of DIRTT means we can build to match your mission.

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Be where you want to be. Look good doing it.

A faster build, a more responsive space, a long-term partner. Architectural Wallsz and DIRTT design and build the perfect interior space tailored for today but just as perfect for tomorrow. No matter how your company changes, your interiors will always reflect your goal, brand, culture and technology needs.

We set you up ready to respond to new technologies exciting directions and transformative opportunities and give you the autonomy to play any situation to your advantage. Great for securing business, building winning teams and enjoying an unmatched return on investment.

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It’s about creating when you’re in the space, not sitting at the computer

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Changing how the world designs and builds


The sequencing. The certainty. The budget allocation. The outcome. They’re all different from what you get with traditional construction – in a good way. Architectural Wallsz and DIRTT take what we call the LEGO® approach. This means that everything (and we mean everything) connects together in a common way, so your company and teams can repurpose, reconfigure and renew your space.
Moveable walls that transform interior functions, built-in technology and audio-visual that connects you in new ways, personalised finishes that breathe life into your space and integrated power systems that make the everyday that much easier. It’s all possible, from Healthcare Interiors to portable classrooms, all sustainable and it resists disruption.