Advanced Medical Centre

Healthcare meets flexibility and innovation

When this Advanced Medical Centre was due for a renovation, they turned to DIRTT to deliver on their tight timeline. They embraced a new approach to construction which meant that they could make last-minute changes to their design with no impact to the timeline. Once manufactured, the space was installed in just three short weeks on site.

The facility’s original budget was for 16 headwall units. But building out their headwalls with our flex-gas solution, as opposed to copper, saved them money. So much so they funnelled funds back into their project and with the money saved, built two more headwall units. They clad the entire space with DIRTT curtain walls and added graphic Willow Glass tiles too. They were even able to add millwork to the project’s scope and 3D laminate finishes that enhance the space’s durability.

Another success story from this project? It received state health approval in record time: same day!