Healthcare & nursing pods
with rapid prefabricated construction


Healthcare and nursing pods with rapid prefab construction

Introducing a prefabricated healthcare pod solution that can be deployed rapidly and at scale in the UK in response to Covid-19.

This advanced modular system available in the UK from Architectural Wallsz is purpose-designed to convert existing hospital rooms and buildings as well as to create entirely new healthcare facilities in open spaces to meet emergency requirements.

Crucially, our installations allow for the highest standards of infection control and cleanliness.

Solutions range from a single acute medical care pod to large-scale healthcare and nursing pod installations.

Dirtt Single Bed
Dirtt Single Bed

ready-to-ship healthcare rooms
to any site in the UK within 30 days

We can manufacture, ship and install up to 500 healthcare rooms to any site in the UK in 30 days.

Dirtt Single Bed

Rapidly deployable
healthcare pod

We’ve designed 3.6M X 3M acute care rooms that can be deployed almost anywhere. Our healthcare pod solutions are ready to go in the UK to get prefabricated alternate care sites in place fast.


How our technology
can help ease the strain

Below are some examples of how DIRTT modular technology can be deployed to adapt existing healthcare interiors, convert non-medical spaces for healthcare or to fit-out temporary structures such as mobile buildings.

Dirtt Single Bed
Dirtt Single Bed


  • Convert lower acuity units to high acuity units
  • Repurpose administration spaces to triage or overflow areas
  • Adapt cold shell spaces to isolation rooms, triage or overflow areas
  • Convert non-medical spaces such as gymnasiums and exhibition halls into treatment centres
Healthcare in a Gymnasium

Interior Construction

  • Turn new or existing temporary buildings into
  • Triage, treatment and administration spaces
  • Drive-through testing and labs stations
  • Isolation rooms
Healthcare Trailer

Your partner
in the UK

Work with Architectural Wallsz in the UK to plan, design and build the right temporary healthcare interiors for your requirements.

We will tailor a solution that is specific to your needs and the conditions at your site. We then use our advanced technology to build it quickly.


This is a purpose-designed prefabricated solution for healthcare interiors, a building process that utilises advanced technology and manufacturing. Working with you, we can rapidly design healthcare pods to your specification, including walls, doors, power and medical gas systems.

Built with extreme precision in our own controlled factories in just a few days, components for the healthcare rooms are then shipped to site for a clean, fast and seamless install.

Our ability to deliver with extraordinary speed allows healthcare facilities to get up and running faster so that they can be providing a service to patients.

Our healthcare and nursing pod systems are designed for disassembly, ensuring quicker maintenance and easy adjustments as conditions change. Although they can function as permanent interiors, our solutions can also be repurposed. This secures your investment long-term by giving you the ability to adapt to changing needs.

As well as providing acute care capacity, our healthcare pods can be designed for a variety of uses.

  • Exam rooms
  • Triage rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Isolation rooms (positive and negative pressure)
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Administration spaces
  • Drive-through testing and lab stations

We also provide headwall systems.

Building healthy

We are specialists in creating healthy spaces for patients, front-line care workers, families and communities. In the context of the novel coronavirus outbreak, our services will help you to accommodate the increased needs for medical facilities, quickly and with minimum disruption.

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Fast and on time

Working with us, you can deliver care ahead of schedule, opening your doors weeks ahead of what would be possible with conventional construction. Manufactured off-site in days, we install on site in a fraction of the time that ordinary construction requires.

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Easy-to-clean spaces

We design for better infection prevention and control by installing technology in the walls behind cleanable surfaces. We reduce touchpoints with our design elements, and our hospital-grade finishes help lower infection transfer. Meanwhile, our flexible hanging options move technology and accessories off the floor.


Acute care room
Template specifications

3.6M X 3M rooms


3.6M X 3M rooms without power

  • 2.4M high
  • 100mm wide aluminium frames with factory installed low-pressure laminate inserts
  • Aluminium frame hinge door with 6mm glass, 1.1M clear openings
  • Structural cornice cap for stability and attachment for temporary ceiling
  • Anti-skid pad or carpet gripper for base
  • Additional options and wall heights available

3.6M X 3M rooms with power

As option 01, with the addition of factory-installed modular power
including quick-connect cables

Five-room isolation
pod solution

  • Scalable and reconfigurable to suit your needs
  • Modules are shipped within days of your order*
  • Under negative air pressure via a fan and HEPA filter
  • Other materials and customisations may affect lead times.

What’s included in the five-room option

Factory assembled walls
  • Factory assembled walls
  • For five isolation rooms
  • Three sides consisting of centre-mounted low-pressure laminate panels and a single standard 1.2M headwall
  • Entry side includes centre mounted monolithic glass modules (glass front) with a 1.5M aluminium framed sliding glass door
  • Structural frames and glass fronts are non-combustible. Solid partitions and headwall finish panels have been tested to European spread of flame standards (EN 13501)

Medical Gas (optional add-on for five rooms)
  • Factory-assembled flexible hose medical gas distribution system in walls (DIRTT Flex Gas)
  • UL/CUL listed
  • Two oxygen and one medical air outlet in each room connected to copper risers via DISS hoses
  • Note: Ventilators (provided by others) requiring medical air and oxygen can also be fed via the flexible medical gas system, dramatically reducing oxygen canisters required on site
Electrical (optional add-on for five rooms)
  • Factory-assembled
  • Healthcare-grade, modular quick connect, daisy chain power
  • One quad outlet per room, additional outlets optional
  • Includes all components to gang five rooms together
  • Enables a single point of connection to base building or generator via one three-circuit power input cable

  • Six hours with a crew of four per high acuity isolation five pack or ten crew hours for a ten-pack (back-to-back five-pack)
  • Installed on site by certified DIRTT technicians working with local teams

This concept supports highly functional, rapid deployment with materials that support faster production, minimise cost, maximise our supply chain, maximise durability and enable easy tear down and redeployment so that the installation can be moved and repurposed.


Large scale

Up to 500 rooms can be delivered in the UK in a matter of days. As with all our installations, rooms are designed to your specification. You will also benefit from economies of scale as contracts are priced on a sliding scale per unit depending on quantity.


What’s included in our service

  • Wall frames in a range of finishes are installed above the floor. They can be freestanding, connect to the underside of a ceiling or support a ceiling.
  • Minimum height 1.2M, maximum height 3M • Infection-control gaskets
  • 1.2M swing doors and ironmongery – 1.1M clear opening
  • Factory installed utilities and/or rough-in for electric, network, low voltage, plumbing, medical gasses and other trades as required.

What’s not included

  • Building or temporary structure, ceiling and floor
  • MEP (mechanical and electrical,) utility engineering and infrastructure
  • Connection of factory-installed components to building utilities
Pop up Mobile Clinics
“This project will save lives in Uganda.” Joe DiCarlo, Medical Teams International’s global ambassador

Pop-up and mobile

Our technology was used to install a three-room clinic in a shipping container to provide quality healthcare in remote locations.

Arizona State University researchers and our construction partner in Phoenix, US, digg, collaborated on creating this mini medical clinic to help make healthcare more accessible in northern Uganda.

The project, funded by the Office of Naval Research, used DIRTT solutions to transform a 40-foot shipping container into a fully functional, self-powered mini healthcare facility complete with a water purification system and solar power. This self-sustaining clinic will service a camp of over 12,000 people.

Currently, the Ayilo II Refugee Settlement in Uganda faced major barriers when providing reliable care related to public health, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and military operations.

This is largely in part to having no direct supply to clean water and unreliable power sources. This clinic will greatly increase the region's capacity to provide proper care to those in need. Medical Teams International will be providing the medical services, equipment and supplies, which were shipped to site in the container prior to its refit.